About Pulse Africa

Pulse Institute Africa (PIA) is a registered organization under the companies’ code of Ghana and market leader in consultancy and development of the human capacity in Appropriate Dispute Resolution, Industrial Relations and Responding to Change Systems
Other areas of specialization of Pulse Africa are Governance, Strategic Planning, Institutional/Organizational Restructuring among others.

Pulse Africa aims at offering its clients best quality services in its areas of specialization. The company is manned by experts in the various fields who deliver results to its clients through the use of a structured PULSE Frame.
Gamey and Gamey and Pulse Institute, Africa is an affiliate and in collaboration with Pulse Institute, Calgary, Alberta CA. and The University of the Virgin Island, UVI-PULSE, U.S.A.


Mission Statement
“At Pulse Institute, Africa we guide One Conversation at a time in a gentle, honest, open specific and engaged in talking to reach productive resolution of differences even complex issues.”

We strive to:

  • engage disputants in the essential process of conversation long enough without interruption long enough to enable them reslove their differences,
  • prevent or minimize conflicts and work stoppages
  • engage in the most effective and productive negotiation at the workplace and commercial business
  • help organizations to respond to change
  • train corporate bodies in labour-management relations, preventive mediation, interest-based negotiation, change management systems, facilitation among ohers
  • Private , Governmant and Community engagements in conversation to enhance peaceful co-existence
  • help mediate conflicts in Health , Christian,Religious, Land, Chieftaincy, Political , Commercial , Labour , Petroleum, Gas and _Environmental disputes, etc.

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