Acquiring the Necessary Knowledge, Understanding and Skill required for sound application of Labour Act, 2003 Act 651

  • The Content
  • Process
  • Responses
  • Labour-Management-Cooperation under Act 651
2 Days CEOs, HR Directors/ Managers, Finance Directors/Controllers, Union Executives, Negotiating Teams etc.

Effective Negotiation (Remove Adversarial Approach and keep the business intact)



  • How to establish rules governing procedure of the negotiation
  • The use of sub-committees for the negotiation
  • Sharing of relevant information
  • Matching remuneration with productivity
3 Days HR/IR Manager and practitioners, Unions Leaders, Negotiating Committee and other forms of Negotiators.

Fair and Unfair termination of employment


  • General Introduction
  • Fair Termination
  • Incompetency,
  • Proven Misconduct
  • Redundancy
  • Legal Restrictions
  • Policies and Strategies
  • Others
3 Days HR Managers, Facilitators, IR/ Legal Practitioners, Union Leaders, and Workers.

Effective Complaint Handling


When you have completed this module you will be able to define the key concepts associated with Handling Complaints and you will be able to:
  • Define what a complaint is
  • Understand why workers complain
  • Describe the components of an effective complaint handling process
  • Explain the various documentation requirements
  • Use tracking and trending for continuous improvement activity
  • Understand how a more professional approach to the handling of complaints in the organization can deliver benefits in terms of increased customer/clients satisfaction.
2 Days Supervisors, Line Manager, Union Leaders.

How to Effectively Manage Workplace Differences


How to avoid negative fallouts of workplace differences – such as:
  • Wasted Time
  • Opportunity cost of wasted time
  • Lowered job motivation and productivity
  • Lost performance due to conflict-related absenteeism
  • Loss of investment in skilled workers
  • Conflict-incited theft, sabotage, vandalism, and damage
  • Restructuring around the problem
  • Health costs, and
  • Degraded decision quality
At the end of this programme learners will be motivated to take workplace conflict seriously as a strategic business issue, and you will be taught and coached how to resolve it without resorting to experts in all cases.
3 Days Managers, Supervisors, Union Leaders and Leadership at various stages at workplace

Employee Absenteeism


  • Understand the types and causes of absenteeism and the associated costs from not directly tackling absenteeism
  • Identify whether an organization has absenteeism problem
  • Describe how to measure absence and turnover
  • Implement an effective attendance programme

Since absenteeism is not just a workers problem but an organizational issue, and therefore everyone’s responsibility.

We will demonstrate how to make every worker feel a valued member of your organization and to change from the old path to the new highway and contribute to its growth and progress.

1 Day HR Manager, Union Executives, Line Managers

Resolving Chieftaincy and Land Conflicts


  • What is really conflict?
  • How to apply PULSE five stages in;
    • Prepare,
    • Uncover,
    • Learn,
    • Search, and
    • Explain
  • The use of Protocol, Confidentiality, Authority and the role of the Conflict Expert.

Chieftaincy and Land disputes or conflicts are often related. These conflicts can paralyses families, communities and nations into oblivion. These disputes can prevent investments in a nation and conflict prone localities – thus create unemployment and increase poverty.

3 Days Chiefs/Traditional Rulers, Surveyors, Land Administrators, Community Leaders Lawyers

Resolving Demurrage, Vessel Repairs, Damage, Loss of Cargo Disputes


  • Prepare the parties for negotiation
  • Apply the PULSE Process
  • Facilitate negotiation between parties to brainstorm and generate options for a mutually beneficial solutions
2 Days Operators in the Maritime Industries

Petroleum and Gas Dispute Resolution (Mediation)


  • Apply the PULSE Discovery Process in
    • Prepare
    • Uncover
    • Learn
    • Search, and
    • Explain to assist disputing parties reach agreement between 90 – 120 minutes even in difficult and sticky situations.
2 Days Operators in the
Petroleum and Gas

Quality Professional Development and Practice for Mediators


  • Applying Listing Skills,
  • PULSE Discovery Process,
  • Content, Process and Response,
  • The GHOST Principle,
  • The Role of the Delta, and
  • The Parties in dispute
  • Role Plays and Video Clips
5 Days Line Managers, Supervisors and leaders for resolving workplace differences

Selling Professional Service


  • When you have completed this module you will be able to define the key concepts associated with Selling Services and you will be able to:
  • Identify the main obstacles that can block sales
  • Understand the nature of selling viewed as a selling process
  • Understand a range of sales techniques from preparing a proposal through to closing the sale
  • Use these techniques to build an effective sales process for your service
  • Explain the benefits of having an effective sales process that can be used consistently to deliver better sales results,
  • Knowing really who your customers are and how to satisfy them.


  • Communication skills in terms of questioning and listening are vital
  • Make sure that everything you do and say contributes to building a positive image
  • Manage the sales process through all the stages
  • Build a professional proposal for the client
  • Link the benefits of your service with the needs of the customer
  • Handle objections professionally using transitions
  • Watch out for and recognize buying signals
  • Pay attention to body language
  • Frame the close appropriately
  • Use the closing technique that suits the situation, and
  • Ask for the business
2 Days Line Managers, Sales/Marketing, Telecommunication, Financial and other Service Providers

Partners-in-Change (The Highest Quality of Organizational Behavior for the 21st Century)


When you have completed this module, you will be able to define the key concepts associated with Change as a business process, and you will be able to:
  • Understand Change
  • Describe how to implement a Change Program
  • Identify and overcome Obstacles to Change
  • Using the knowledge gained, participants will be able to contribute to effective change in their organization
  • Understand the impact of change in the organization
  • Understand the requirement for a sound change process within the organization
2 Days HR, Line Managers Departmental Heads, Union Leaders and Leadership at various stages at workplace

Effective Leadership and delegation skills


When you have completed this module you will be able to define the key concepts associated with Effective Meetings and you will be able to:
  • Understand the importance of running effective meetings
  • Identify the key components of an effective meeting
  • Describe the factors that cause meetings to fail
  • Understand the different ways that you as an employee can influence the effectiveness of meetings
  • Use the material presented to develop a procedure for effective meetings
  • Identify types of meetings and recognise their potential impact on the business of your organization
2 Days HR, Supervisors, Union Leaders and Leadership at various stages at workplace

Facilitation skills


The facilitation programme is intended to guide participants in:
  • understanding the purpose of facilitation.
  • understanding working styles and personality or behaviour types.
  • planning and facilitating an effective meeting.
  • acquiring facilitation skills.
The programme provides a step-by-step process that explains the processes relating to facilitating meetings. Those organisations or agencies which want to train in-house facilitators for Interest Based Negotiation (IBN) negotiations or participatory mediation training will benefit from the programme.
1 Day Line Managers and Supervisors

Customer Driven Organisation


When you have completed this module you will be able to define the key concepts associated with the Customer Driven Organization and you will be able to:
  • Understand the vital importance of the customer to any organization
  • See the value in having excellent service for both internal and excellent customers
  • Identify the factors that can prevent an organization from maximizing customer value
2 Days Marketing/Sales Supervisors, Line Managers

Mentoring and Coaching, the business tool of the 21st Century


  2 Days Managers

The Vision of the Future (Effective Planning) – Modules 1 – 4


  5 Days Managers



  2 Days Managers

Understanding Competency as a Business Driver


  2 Days Managers

Organisational Culture


  2 Days Managers

Organisational Behavior


  2 Days Managers

Organisational Issues


  1 Day Managers

Project Management


  2 Days Managers

Quality Management


  2 Days Managers