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Date: September 24. 2:00pm
Topic: Managing Conflict in the Private Sector Workplaces
Facilitator: Austin Gamey.
Private Sector workplaces are different from others. It is generally considered as the engine of growth, and therefore any slip into conflict can derail your country’s economy. Let us together have conversation as to how about its significance.

Date: October 15. 2:00pm
Topic: How to Prevent Conflict
Facilitator: Austin Gamey.
Generally, and where appropriate use PULSE Discovery Frame in professional mediation to resolve conflicts. Your side of the coin. Austin A. Gamey Explore how preventive and professional mediation can be applied in throughout the world to help reduce tension and to resolve such differences.

Date: November 19. 2:00pm
Topic: Prevention and Early Resolution of Conlicts
Facilitator: Austin Gamey.
General elections all over world have proven to be emotional and difficult, especially when the stakes are so high. You have the opportunity to contribute to reduce the tension and make the elections acceptable even if you are the looser.

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Executive Diploma in Mediation & Arbitration
7th February - 20th June 2009 (9am - 4 pm each saturday)

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Petroleum, Environmental and Workplace Conflict
Date : 1st - 6th February, 2009 @ Forest Hotel Dodowa
Presenters : Dr. Nancy Love & Austin Gamey
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